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About Rongorongo
a.k.a. Easter Island Scripts
Far be it for the Editors of AnthroGlobe to enter into the erudite and oft passionate
debates about the nature and interpretation of Rongorongo, the Easter Island
scripts. The is a subject that intrigues not only those who are fascinated by the
scholarly implications of such puzzles, but those who are amateur cryptographers
or who overwhelm themselves with the mystery of "unknown" or "partially
known" civilisations.
AnthroGlobe believes it has a task to layout the pros and cons of perspectives on
controversial issues, not only for scholarly debate, but as a source for
non-scholars, who will thereby be confronted with disciplined argument.
Since AnthroGlobe has opened the field of Rongorongo jousts by publishing the
research report of Sergei Rajbchikov, we must now enter other references for
easy access. Sergei Rajbchikov's other hot links are here.
The first of these consists of a link to the discussion of Jacques B.M. Guy
"Rongorongo - the Easter Island Tablets" which contains, at the end,links to
other sites of relevance, and to his site in which he raises the issue as to why
Nature and New Scientist do not appear to wish to publish rebuttals of Fischer's
Guy's account of the Nature, New Scientist position is at
For those seriously interested in the comaprison of interpretations, AnthroGlobe,
thanks to Jacques Guy, points you to which
presents and contrasts many of the data and ideas.
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