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Last Edited: 19 1 2009

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Primary Articles

Caplan, Pat

Terror, Witchcraft and Risk

Dutton, Edward

Meeting Jesus at Uni: Structure, Anti-Structure and Conversion Levels in Two Evangelical Student Groups

Ritual as a Broken Mirror: The Relationship Between Ritual and Grid/Group Analysis in Religious Groups

Fennell, Christopher

Proximate Inventions

Granjo, Paulo

Cleansing rituals and veterans’ reintegration in southern Mozambique

It’s just the starting engine” The status of spirits and objects in south Mozambican divination

a mina desceu à cidade Memória histórica e a mais recente indústria moçambicana with English abstract

quando a identidade é um perigo Consequências das mutações identitárias na refinaria de Sines

Aprendendo o perigo e a ser um de nósintegração profissional na indústria de refinação

Hodgson, Derek     

Tracings of the mind: the role of hallucinations, pseudohallucinations and visual memory in Franco-Cantabrian cave art

Kanungo, Akshaya K.

Problems in Educating Tribal Children: the Dongria Kondh Experience

Keyes, Grace

Incomplete Enculturation: the Role of Hearing

Konaté, Siendou

Alternatives to Globalism: Potential of African Local Cultures

Discourses of Power and Gender: a Sampling of Things Fall Apart, God’s Bits of Wood, Changes: a Love Story, So Long a Letter, and Women at Point Zero

Marti, Josep

The Cultural Frames Approach as an Alternative View to the Ethnocratic Idea of Culture

Maurya, Nitin

Fieldwork in Anthropology: reflections from working in Nicobars

Peshkova, Svetlana

Family, Sacred Places and Islamic Law: Islamic Approach to Reproductive Health in Ferghana Valley

Pulido Chavez , Orlando et al

Hegemonia y Cultura: Introduccion a las estructuras culturales disipativas with English summary

Rudmin, Floyd W.

Cross-Cultural Correlates of the Ownership of Private Property

Debate in Science: The Case of Acculturation


Shorter Contributions

Bagchi, Subrata Sanka and Arnab Das

We are Developing! An Anthropologist among the Marginalised Population in a Third World Urban Scenario

Caton, Hiram

Conversion in Sarawak: Derek Freeman’s Awakening to a New Anthropology

Das, Anab with Subrata Sanka Bagchi

Indecisive Identity in Relation to the Other(s): A Bengali Indian SignificatiIon

Faedda, Barbara

Wearing and Appearing: an anthropological analysis through shop windows

Vestire e apparire II: L'accademia, l'azienda, l'industria

Feinberg, Richard

The Changing Role of Music in a Polynesian Outlier Community: Anuta, Solomon Islands

Granjo, Paulo

The lobolo of my friend Jaime: An old language for innovative conjugality

Green F.C. et al

A Study of Early Contraceptive Users in Mozambique

Joyce, Darrell A.

Modern Folklore: Cybermythology in Western Culture

Koenigsberg, Richard

Aztec Warfare, Western Warfare: The Soldier as Sacrificial Victim

Why Do Ideologies Exist:  The Psychological Function of Culture

Konaté, Siendou

Revue Critique de Maangamizi - The Ancient One ou A la croisée de l’Afrique ancestrale et la « modernité » ou le dilemme africain

Ngugi, Mukoma Wa

New Orleans and the Third World

Ramoupi, Neo Legotla Iago

Ruud Gullit: Soccer, Racism and Apartheid

Uusihakala, Katja

Opening Up and Taking the Gap: White Road to and from Rhodesia


Research Reports

Kanungo, Akshaya K.

Problems in Educating Tribal Children: the Dongria Kondh Experience

Kopnina, Helen and Patricia Brien

The World According to Vogue:  The Role of Culture(s) in International Fashion Magazines

Nixon, Melody

Teleuts: The Hidden People of Siberia

Rjabchikov, Sergei

A New Key to the Proto-Indian Writing System

On Scythian, Sarmatian and Meotian Records about Thunderstorm

On Some Scythian and Sarmatian Symbols

Quasi-Bilingual Sources for the Decipherment of the Indus Script

The Rapanui King Nga Ara and His Rongorongo School PDF

Rapanui Proper and Place Names versus Rongorongo Texts

Scythian, Sarmatian and Meotian Beliefs

Several Rongorongo Records (Symbolism of Archaic Beliefs)

Several Remarks on the Maya Script

Some Remarks on the Scythian and Sarmatian Religion

The Scythian and Sarmatian Sources of the Russian Mythology and Fairy-Tales

Zein, T.H. Makmur Mohd

The Roles of a Ma Blien (a Traditional Midwife) In Reproductive Health In The Rural Community In the Province of Nanggro Aceh Darussalam: A Case Study in Rural Aceh Besar and Pidie Abstract in Indonesian


Abstracts Only

Bargès. Ann

La Grande Maladie, le Sense de Trouble, et l'Alliance entre les Institutions Occidentales, Afrique Mandigue, Lèpre et Modernité (Includes English)


Articles in Draft

Pollock, Nancy J,

Kava: Potion or Pill?


Commentary and Discussion

Bostock, William

Archiving in Southern Africa: Psychological, Ethical and Technical Aspects

Brown, Terry

Communion and Personhood

Cwiertka, Katarzyna with Wim Lansing

The Trouble Begins After Your Manuscript is Ready: Thoughts on How to Choose and Deal with a Publisher

Guy, Jacques

About Rongorongo a.k.a. Easter Island Scripts

Jones, Peter N.

American Indian Demographic History and Cultural Affiliation: a discussion of certain limitations on the use of mtDNA and Y Chromosome Testing

Joyce, Darrell A.

Genetically Modified Organisms and Global Agricultural Subsistence: An Anthropological Perspective



Belshaw Cyril

On Scale, Organisation and Performance

The Significance of Modern Cults in Melanesian Development

The Evaluation of Technical Assistance as a Contribution to Development

Briggs, Jean L.

Journey Out of Babyhood: An Inuit Childhood Drama

Out of the Garden of Eden: Morality Play of an Inuit Three Year Old

Burridge, Kenelm

The Culture Concept Revisited

Stewart, Pamela J. and Andrew Strathern pamjam+@PITT.EDU

Millennial Markers in the Pacific

Turner, Allen C.

Forensic Cultural Anthropology in the United States Legal System



Bibliographies dealing with individual countries or geographic areas

Bibliographies dealing with topics

Field Experience

Hamill, J.

Being Indian in NEO

Metzgar, Eric

Beyond the Blue Horizon Filming on Lamotrek

McCreery, John

From Gaijin to Me: An American Self in Japan

Torsello, Davide

Be as You Are, Talk as They Talk: a Japanese fieldwork experience

Turner, Allen C.

Ecotones of the Mind (Soshone)(Ethnopoetics)


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