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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Text Contributions

Powerful & Powerless: The Rei Metau on the Outer Islands of Yap - Carmen Petrosian-Husa
Cybermythology in Western Culture - Darrell Joyce

The lobolo of my friend Jaime : An old language for innovative conjugality - Paulo Granjo

a mina desceu à cidade Memória histórica e a mais recente indústria moçambicana with English abstract - Paulo Granjo

quando a identidade é um perigo Cconsequências das mutações identitárias na refinaria de Sines - Paulo Granjo

Aprendendo o perigo e a ser um de nós integração profissional na indústria de refinação - Paulo Granjo

Beyond the Blue Horizon: Filming on Lamotrek Atoll - Eric Metzger

Cross-Cultural Correlates of the Ownership of Private Property: A Summary of Five Studies - Floyd W. Rudmin

Journey Out of Babyhood: An Inuit Childhood Drama - Jean L. Briggs (republished)

On Scale, Organisation and Performance - Cyril Belshaw (republished)

Out of the Garden of Eden: Morality Play of an Inuit Three Year Old - Jean L. Briggs (republished)

Remarks on the Scythian, Sarmatian and Meotian Beliefs - Sergei Rjabchikov

The Significance of Modern Cults in Melanesian Development - Cyril Belshaw (republished)

Millennial Markers in the Pacific - Pamela J Stewart and Andrew Strathern

The Evaluation of Technical Assistance as a Contribution to Development - Cyril Belshaw (republication)

Introduction to a Forensic Cultural Anthropology in the United States Legal System - Allen C.Turner

Being Indian in NEO - James Hamill

Several Rongorongo Records (Symbolism of Archaic Beliefs) - Sergei Rjabchikov

About Rongorongo a.k.a. Easter Island Scripts - discussion, Jacques Guy with references

The Culture Concept Revisited: a personal retrospective - Kenelm Burridge

A Study of Early Contraceptive Users in Mozambique - Green, F.C., J. Hardelez, A. Daniel, C. Rodriguez, J. Romero

La Grande Maladie, le Sense de Trouble, et l'Alliance entre les Institutions Occidentales, Afrique Mandigue, Lèpre et Modernité - Ann Bargès - abstracts only including in English

From China to Canada: the immigration experience of a Chinese refugee group in Toronto - Guang Tian

Ecotones of the Mind (Soshone)(ethnopoetics) - Allen C. Turner

From Gaijin to Me: An American Self in Japan - John McCreery..

Be as You Are, Talk as They Talk: a Japanese fieldwork experience - Davide Torsello

Hegemonia y Cultura: Introduccion a las estructuras culturales disipativas - Orlando Pulvio Chaves Summary in English

The Roles of a Ma Blien (a Traditional Midwife) In Reproductive Health In The Rural Community In the Province of Nanggro Aceh Darussalam : A Case Study in Rural Aceh Besar and Pidie - T. H. Makmur Mohd. Zein Abstract in Indonesian

ISLAM @ Svetlana Peshkova

Wearing and Appearing: an anthropological analysis through shop windows - Barbara Faedda (Photographs to be re-installed)

Some Remarks on the Scythian and Sarmatian Religion - Sergei Rjabchikov

The Scythian and Sarmatian Sources of the Russian Mythology and Fairy-Tales - Rjabchikov Sergei

Vestire e apparire II: L'accademia, l'azienda, l'industria - Barbara Faedda

The Cultural Frames Approach as an Alternative View to the Ethnocratic Idea of Culture - Josep Marti

Kava : Potion or Pill? - Nancy J. Pollock

We are Developing! An Anthropologist among the Marginalised Population in a Third World Urban Scenario - Subrata Sanka Bagchi and Arnab Das

Indecisive Identity in Relation to the Other(s): A Bengali Indian Signification - Arnab Das and Subrata Sangka Bagchi

Ruud Gullit: Soccer, Racism and Apartheid - Neo Legotla Iago Ramoupi

American Indian Demographic History and Cultural Affiliation: a discussion of certain limitations on the use of mtDNA and Y Chromosome Testing - Peter N. Jones

Family, Sacred Places and Islamic Law: Islamic Approach to Reproductive Health in Ferghana Valley - Svetlana Peshkova

Teleuts: The Hidden People of Siberia - Melody Nixon

Problems in Educating Tribal Children: the Dongria Kondh Experience - Akshaya K. Kanungo

The Trouble Begins After Your Manuscript is Ready: Thoughts on How to Choose and Deal with a Publisher - Katarzyna Cwiertka and Wim Lansing, rapporteurs

Archiving in Southern Africa: Psychological, Ethical and Technical Aspects - William W. Bostock

On Some Scythian and Sarmatian Symbols - Sergei Rjabchikov

Opening Up and Taking the Gap: White Road to and from Rhodesia- Katja Uusihakala

Genetically Modified Organisms and Global Agricultural Subsistence: An Anthropological Perspective - Darrell A. Joyce

Sunday, June 26, 2005

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